About New Jersey Paranormal Group

Founded in 2011, New Jersey Paranormal Group, based in Northern New Jersey, is dedicated to the research, investigation and documentation of paranormal phenomenon.NJPG approaches each investigation with objectivity and professionalism. The team uses historical facts and eye witness’ reports to begin an investigation. The team conducts its investigation using various technologies, tools and instinct. NJPG uses both traditional and non-traditional tools. NJPG does not recommend the use of Ouija Boards or conducting a séance without an expert being present.

NJPG provides training for its members with both class-room and hands-on training at known haunted locations or cemeteries. This train includes information about the paranormal, equipment used, techniques of investigations and evidence review & reporting.

NJPG networks with fellow paranormal groups in an effort to expand knowledge, share resources, and bring respect and unity to the paranormal field.
We also will conduct private investigations for clients who are seeking to find out if they have paranormal activity in their location.  We never charge for any paranormal investigations, consultation or support for our clients’. NJPG provides our clients’ with a nondisclosure agreement to ensure strict confidence and to protect the clients’ anonymity.

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